Tareekh e Islam by Allama Akbar Shah Khan

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Tareekh e  Islam Urdu

Book Name: Tareekh e  Islam Urdu  books  pdf  free download

 Writer: Allama Akbar Shah Khan


Tareekh e Islam by Najemmabadi  Urdu is a very authoritative history book. The author of this Urdu pdf book is the famous historian Allama Akbar Shah Khan Najibabadi.

In this book, Reuters narrates the history of the Holy Prophet’s blessed life, treaties, and wars in three volumes. In addition, the pdf Urdu books give a historical overview of the reigns of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq, Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Uthman, Hazrat Al, Banu Umayyah, and Banu Abbas.

The first volume of the Urdu Islamic pdf books free download deals with the important events, wars, and treaties of the four caliphs from Islam. In the second volume of the Urdu Islamic books pdf free download, important events of the reigns of all Muslim governments, Banu Umayyah, Banu Abbas, Spain, and Khawarizm Shah are recorded.

Allama Akbar Shah’s research work in Urdu literature is very valuable in the field of history. In this book, he has recorded historical events with authoritative references۔

He has kept in mind all the rules and regulations that a historian must keep in mind while writing history.

The author of the  Islamic Urdu books pdf free download is a very famous historian of India. He has a deep understanding of the history of India and Islam. His name does not need any introduction in the academic circles. In all schools of thought of Muslims, he is recognized as an authority in the science of history. In addition to writing the history of Islam, Allama Akbar Shah has written thirty pdf Urdu books on the science of history.

Knowledge of history is highly valued by Islamic scholars.In the past, knowledge of history was compulsory in the curriculum of Islamic madrassas and it was given much importance. Unfortunately, it is no longer considered a major subject and is given secondary status.

Tareekh e Islam book Review:

Our young generation finds the knowledge of history useless and insignificant. Young people are unaware of its importance.

Thus they remain unaware of the scholarly achievements, and victories, of their elders.

Our young people seem to be greatly influenced by the scientific development of European countries. This is because they did not study the deeds of their elders. There is a need for our government to take the necessary steps to teach history in schools and colleges.

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About the Author of the Book:

 Allama Akbar Shah Najibabadi was born in 1875 in Najibabad town of Bijnor city.Allama Akbar Shah Khan was an Indian Muslim scholar. Who is famous throughout the subcontinent for writing Urdu Islamic books pdf free download on the history of Islam? Allama received his early education from the ulema of his town.

After that, he acquired Islamic knowledge from eminent scholars of his time. After completing his education, he became a school teacher and started teaching at Najibabad Middle School.

His main research work is the authorship of Islamic history books in Urdu free download pdf. He has written more than thirty books. The names of some of these books are as follows.

 Books in Urdu free download:

History of Islam, History of Angora. History of Najibabad. Nawab Amir Khan, Waid or inn ki Qadamat.  Aina e Haqeeqat Numa Etc. is more popular.

In June 1937, Allama Akbar Shah Khan contracted a stomach ailment that made him very weak. He died on May 10, 1938, due to severe gastrointestinal disease.

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