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Book Name:  Tareekh e  Lahore history books in urdu free download pdf

  Writer:  Kanhaya Lal


This Mughal history book in urdu pdf free download Tarikh e Lahore was written during the British era of United India. The author of this book is Kanhiya Lal. Kanhiya Lal has provided important historical information about the history of Lahore in this history book in urdu free download pdf. In this book, you will find the details of ancient historical buildings of Lahore.

Tareekh-e-Lahore by Kanhaiyya Lal – Rekhta

Full details of the city’s location and gates are provided in the Indo-Pak history books in urdu pdf free download. In addition, detailed information about Lahore celebrities, city gardens, Shala Mar, the royal mosque, and the royal fort has been described. This World history book in urdu pdf free download contains complete information about the archeology of Lahore, especially the tombs of Sophia.

About the Author of the book:

Kanhiya Lal was born in June 1830 in Attah district of Uttar Pradesh. He received his early education from the city’s Islamic madaris. His father was an enlightened man. He sent his son to Maulvi Ghulam Hassan in an Islamic school to study Arabic and Persian. After studying Arabic and Persian, he was sent to Agra city to study English language and literature.

Later, after completing his engineering education, he was appointed as Assistant Engineer in Public Health Works Department, Lahore.

Tareekh-e-Lahore by Kanhaiyya Lal – Rekhta

He was given the task of writing the history of Lahore city by the British government. Earlier, a similar project was given to another government official Syed Latif. He was working to write urdu books on the history of Punjab. These two officers ،there were no professional historians.

Kanhiya Lal started his historiography in the 18th century AD. He has described in great detail the reign of the Sikhs, especially the reign of Ranjit Singh.

Kanhiya Lal was a very good poet of Urdu and Persian languages. He had very good intellectual and literary tastes. His religious affiliation was with the holy caste of Hindus, Brahman.

Tareekh-e-Lahore by Kanhaiyya Lal – Rekhta

He had excellent taste in the Urdu, Persian and Arabic languages ​​of Muslims. He wrote poetry and wrote literature in these languages.

Kanhiya Lal worked in the Public Works Department for 30 years, after which he retired. 

A few years after his retirement, this great historian passed away in Lahore. His samadhi is in the Nawankot area of ​​Lahore.

Critical Review of Research Work:

Details of his urdu books free download are given below.

  • History of Lahore
  • Persian Poetry Collection
  • ۔ Urdu Poetry Collection

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Tareekh-e-Lahore by Kanhaiyya Lal – Rekhta

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