Tareekh e Punjab Urdu By Syed Muhammad Latif Pdf

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Tareekh e Punjab urdu pdf books free download written on the history of Punjab of United India.

Book Name:  Tareekh e  Punjab urdu books pdf free download

Writer:  Syed Muhammad Latif


Tareekh e Punjab urdu pdf books free download written on the history of Punjab of United India. 

The word Punjab is derived from five rivers. There are five major rivers in Punjab. It is called Punjab because of the land of five rivers. The word Punjab is also found in the writings of Ibn Batuta.

Apart from this, Punjab is also mentioned in the holy books of Hindus. Punjab is specially mentioned in Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The  Aieen e  Akbari book also mentions the land of Punjab. In those days this land was divided into two parts Lahore and Multan. Abu al-Fadal, the royal historian of the Mughal emperor Akbar, also mentions the land of Punjab in his free pdf urdu books.

Tareekh e Punjab Urdu By Syed Muhammad Latif Pdf

Among the many conquerors that came and ruled in Punjab, the name of the Greek conqueror Alexander the Great is the most important. Alexander the Great was the ruler of Macedonia, a small state in Greece. He conquered different countries and came to Punjab. After conquering Punjab, he also succeeded in conquering Multan. There was a terrible battle between the forces in which King Porus was victorious and Alexander’s forces were defeated.

Afghan conqueror Shahabuddin Ghauri is also very famous. After Punjab and Delhi, Shahab-ud-Din conquered many parts of India and established an independent government.

Tareekh e Punjab Urdu By Syed Muhammad Latif Pdf

Mahmud Ghaznavi’s name is also among those who conquered Punjab. He carried out several attacks in Punjab and succeeded in establishing his government.

Qutbuddin Aibak was a Turkish conqueror who conquered India after conquering Punjab and established the first Muslim independent government here.

About the Author of the book:

Syed Muhammad Latif was a renowned historian during British rule in United India. Syed Muhammad Latif was born in Lahore in 1850. He got his early education from the educational institutes here. His father was a well-known journalist from Lahore. He first started an English-language newspaper called Lahore Chronicle. And later

Launched an English newspaper in the name of Punjabi.

Syed Latif was an expert in the field of history. He wrote several urdu books and pdf free downloads on history. 

 The union of the two learned families greatly enhanced the intellectual taste of Syed Latif. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan himself was a scholar and his family name was very famous in academic circles.

Sir Syed’s son Sir Ras Masood was also an educated young man. The British government appointed him as a judge in the judiciary.

The Governor of Lahore appointed Syed Muhammad Latif as a Judge in the District Judiciary.

Tareekh e Punjab Urdu By Syed Muhammad Latif Pdf

During his government service, he also continued to write history books in urdu free download pdf on history. Syed Mohammad Latif was proficient in four languages, including Arabic, Persian, English, and Urdu.

This great historian died in the year 1902 in Lahore.

Critical Review of Research Work:

Details of his urdu books free download are given below.

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Tareekh e Punjab Urdu By Syed Muhammad Latif Pdf

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