Tareekh-e-Tabri Urdu Complete 7 Volumes Free Download

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Tareekh-e-Tabri Urdu Complete 7 Volumes

 Tareekh-e-Tabri Urdu Complete 7 Volumes

Writer: Ibn e Jarir Tabri

Tareekh-e-Tabri Urdu Complete 7 Volumes is a famous history book by Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Jarir al-Tabari. This book is in Arabic language and has a total of seven volumes. The book under review is a translation of an Arabic book into the Urdu language. This famous Arabic book is the source of all important books of history. Translations of this book in all famous languages of the world are available in the market. In the book, the history of the world has been started with the conditions of Hazrat Adam and the conditions of all the prophets and nations have been recorded up to the time of the Holy Prophet.

Tareekh e Tabri Urdu:

Tarikh al-Tabari is known in Arab countries as Tarikh al-umum because that is the name of this book in the Arabic language. The book is more authentic than other books of Tarikh Alam and Tarikh Islam because it was written in earlier times. Other historians Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Athir, and Ya’qubi have taken material from this book to write books on the subject of history. This book was published for the first time in the 10th century Hijri. The popularity of this book has not decreased till now. This history book is included in the syllabus of the history subject of important universities of the world.

Tareekh e Tabri Jild 2 in urdu:

Tareekh e Tabri is a very excellent book on the subject of Islamic history because it has described all the events very carefully and meticulously. The main feature of Tabari’s history is that apart from history, the life conditions of the Holy Prophet are also available in it. Also, the living conditions of the Companions, and the living conditions of the followers, are available in detail. Ibn Jarir al-Tabari has researched and provided material related to history, and biography in this book, which is still being used by new scholars for research.

Tareekh e Tabri Jild 3:

You will find references to this book in almost all history books. Even high-ranking scholars like Ibn Kathir and Abu al-Fida have praised his books and research. The bottom line is that there is no more authentic book available in the Arabic language on the subject of the history of Islam like Tareekh e Tabri. All schools of thought of Ahl al-Sunnah consider it authentic and study it.


Tareekh e Tabri Urdu is a very authentic book of World history and the history of Islam in Arabic Islamic literature. It is also a valued reference book for all other history books written on the topic of world history.

About the Author:

Abu Jafar Ibn e Jarir Tabri was born in the year 839 in Tabaristan, Iran. He was a renowned scholar, commentator of the Qur’an, muhadith, jurist, and historian of the Abbasid era. Tafsir al-Tabari and Tarikh al-Tabari are his most famous books. He belonged to the Shafi’i school of thought of Ahl e Sunnat. He was very expert and perfect in Islamic sciences.

The books he has written serve as sources for new books. For new research scholars; his books are very helpful research. He is known as an expert on the Quran, historian, Muhaddith, and Faqih among scholars. He received his primary education from a madrasa near the city.

Tareekh-e-Tabri Urdu Complete 7 Volumes Free Download

 He memorized the Qur’an by heart at the age of six.

During his studies, he started writing hadith at the age of only nine. Sheikh Ahmad bin Muni Baghwi and Ismail bin Yahya Muzni are notable among his teachers. He initially studied in the city of Ray. After that, he moved to the city of Kufa to pursue higher education.

After completing his education, he traveled to Syria, Beirut, and Egypt for higher education. Apart from other sciences, he also acquired knowledge of recitation and Shafi’i jurisprudence.

The opinions of scholars about Ibn Jarir Tabri:

Ibn Khalqan says that Ibn Jarir was the Imam of hadith interpretation and jurisprudence. 

Allama Ibn Kathir has paid great tribute to the scholarly services of Ibn Jarir in his Kitab al-Badayah. Imam Jalaluddin Suyuti is also a great admirer of Ibn Jarir Tabari.

Tareekh-e-Tabri Urdu Complete 7 Volumes Free Download

He has quoted from his books. Ibn Hajar Asqalani also describes his services for the publication of Islam as unforgettable. He Passed away on February 16,923 in the city of Baghdad.

Al-Tabri Books pdf :

  • Jamia ul Bayan fi Tafsir ul Quran
  • Tehzeeb ul Asaar
  • Tareekh e Tabri
  • Adab ul Qazaa
  • Adab ul Manasik

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