Tareekh e Yaqoobi Urdu by Ahmed Bin Abi Yaqoob

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Tareekh e Yaqoobi Urdu by Ahmed Bin Abi Yaqoob

Tarikh e Yaqoobi urdu by Ahmed Bin Abi Yaqoob

Writer: Ahmad Bin Abi Yaqoob

Tareekh e Yaqoobi urdu is a great and authentic book of Islamic history. The author of this book is the famous Arab Muslim historian Ahmad bins Abi Yaqoob. He had started writing history from the conditions of the time of Hazrat Adam (peace be upon him). He concluded the book by writing history up to the Abbasid caliphate. Tarikh Yaqoubi’s original book is in the Arabic language, now the Urdu translation of this book has also been published. This book has been translated into the Urdu language by Maulana Akhtar Fateh Puri.

The history of Islam is a subject on which Arab Muslim historians have done a lot of research. In this regard, the names of Allama Ibn Khaldun, Allama Ibn Jariri Tabari, and Allama Ibn Kathir are worth mentioning. Most of these scholars belong to Arab-Islamic countries and their history books are also in the Arabic language. Now, these books are available in all major languages ​​of the world.

Ahmad bin Abi Yaqoob was a famous historian, geographer, and writer of the Abbasid era. His father was a freed slave of Caliph Mansur. Ahmad ibn Abi Ya’qub was born in Baghdad, and it was there that he received his education in the essential sciences. Later they settled in Egypt. After settling in Egypt, He wrote an important book on geography called Kitab al-Buldan. He did extensive research to write this book. He studied many books and noted the references. He also knew a lot about the history of Iran, Kufa, and Afghanistan.

Tarikh Yaqubi consists of two volumes and the second volume is much larger than the first volume. In the first volume, he has written the conditions of Bani Israel in great detail. He has also commented on the civilization of Babylon and Nineveh.

Tareekh e Yaqoobi Urdu pdf By Ahmed Yaqoobi
Tareekh e Yaqoobi Urdu pdf By Ahmed Yaqoobi

The second volume of the book has been started with the living conditions of the Holy Prophet. This is a very informative book about science history. It is not only a book of the history of Islam, but it is more appropriate if it is called a book of the history of the world.


Tarikh e Yaqoobi is a famous and authentic book of Ahmad Bin Abi Yaqoob of History in Urdu Islamic literature. Tarikh e Yaqoobi is not only a book of Islamic history but it is a detailed history of the world.

About the Author:

Ahmad Bin Abi Yaqoob was born in Baghdad city. He was an Arab Muslim scholar, Historian, and translator. He got his early education from the local madrassah of his town. He had memorized the Holy Qur’an in his childhood. To acquire other Islamic studies, he moved to the Madrasah of the city.

There he studied Qur’anic commentary, hadith, and Islamic jurisprudence. In modern sciences, he also studied mathematics, Geography, and Physics.

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