Taseer e Qurbat Romantic Novel by Suneha Rauf

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Taseer e Qurbat Romantic Novel by Suneha Rauf

Book Name: Taseer e Qurbat

The Writer: Suneha Rauf

Suneha Rauf Novels:

Taseer e Qurbat Romantic Novel by Suneha Rauf is a beautiful and high-quality romantic novel. The author of this novel is the famous female novelist of Urdu language and literature, Saniha Rauf. This is a long novel with more than seven hundred pages.

In the story of this novel, the author tells us how our small mistakes in relationships. Cracks cause casting. These relationships are broken due to our shortcomings and mistakes.

Taseer e Qurbat Novel is a digest serial novel that has been published in a local Urdu digest of Karachi. Earlier the writer of the novel has been publishing its various episodes on her social media page.

This is a super hit Urdu romantic novel by Saneha Rauf which is considered her masterpiece novel by Urdu literature lovers. Critics of Urdu literature say that this is Saniha’s best literary work.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this novel is a painful story of two loving hearts. In this story, the author tells us about the people who face suffering on the path of love. It is such a path that even their closest loved ones and friends taunt them. Travelers on the paths of love usually prepare themselves to fight all kinds of situations and are not at all afraid of suffering.

In addition, the author of the novel says that such people should be treated with love and compassion because they bear the abuse and non-cooperation of society with broken hearts. They are always persecuted and subjected to violence.

Even the travelers on the way to love are not hesitant to be killed. In this regard, the example of Heer and Ranjha is before us. Because of following the path of love, Heer was poisoned by his close relatives. Similarly, Mirza Jatt and Sahiban were also killed as a punishment for being in love.

Introduction of the author of the novel:

Suneha Rauf is a famous Pakistani Urdu Novelist and short story writer. She creates masterpiece Urdu romantic novels for readers of the Urdu language. She is writing romantic and social novels for local Urdu digests published in Karachi City.

Although she has written only a few novels till now she created high-quality and ideal literature for lovers of romance novels. She is a newcomer in the literary circles but she has proved herself a  best and outclass writer for the young generation.

Suneha Rauf Novels List:

  1. I am Truly Yours
  2. You are my only desire

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