Tib e Nabvi aur Jadeed Science

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Tib e Nabvi aur Jadeed Science

 Tib e Nabvi  Aur Jadeed Science by Dr.Khalid Ghaznavi  urdu tibbi books pdf free download

Writer:  Dr. Khalid Ghaznavi


 Tib e   Nabvi Aur Jadeed Science is a famous book written by Dr. Khalid Ghaznavi. In the urdu tibbi books pdf, the doctor has described the treatment of diseases according to the principles of Prophetic medicine. Muslims have benefited from this method of treatment in every period. In different periods, Muslim doctors and politicians have performed the duty of serving humanity by researching the art of Islamic medicine. Bu Ali Sina, Imam Ghazali, Ibn e  Rushd Maliki, Imam Ghazali, and Jabir bin Hayyan were eminent Muslim scientists, physicians, and scholars.

He did a lot of research work in the field of medicine and authored several urdu tibbi books pdf free download. The Islamic and Arab worlds produced many herbalists and pharmacists. His books have been taught in European universities for centuries. Even today, the name of these Muslim physicians is highly respected in Europe.

Tib e Nabvi aur Jadeed Science

The urdu Hikmat books pdf under review contains a comparison of prophetic medicine and medical science. In this book, Dr. Khalid states that due to the advancement in the field of surgery in medical science, it has gained public acceptance.

And the reason for this acceptance is that he has taken the concept of surgery from Islamic medicine and Greek medicine and has done a lot of research on it. After that, in the Hikmat urdu books read online, the properties of medicines used according to Prophetic medicine such as honey, kalonji, Sana Makki, and other medicines that have been mentioned in the Quran Hadith have been listed.

Tib e Nabvi aur Jadeed Science

Also, the treatment of various diseases has been explained in the light of Hadith’s books. These diseases include stomach diseases, liver diseases, lung diseases, bone diseases, and heart diseases.

He has described the properties of medicines in detail in the said Hikmat ki books in urdu pdf free download

  • Liver diseases
  • Tooth diseases
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Eye diseases
  • Diseases of the nose throat and ears
  • Bone diseases
  • Blood Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Tuberculosis
  • Ear diseases
  • Blood Cupping
  • Male sexually transmitted diseases
  • Gynecological diseases
  • Heart disease
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Head and brain diseases
  • Diseases of the lungs
  • Kidney diseases
  • Skin diseases

About the Author of the book:

Dr. Khalid Ghaznavi is a doctor of Eastern Medicine. He belongs to the city of Lahore. He has written several urdu Hikmat books free download pdf on the subject of Prophetic Medicine. In recognition of his medical services, he was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Excellence by the President of Pakistan.

The old Hikmat books in urdu pdf free download under review, Prophetic Medicine and Modern Science is his Presidential Award-winning book. Dr. Khalid is an experienced physician who treats patients with great compassion and attention. He continues to conduct seminars in the field of medicine. 

Books and Journals:

  • Tib e Navbi aur Jild Kay Imraaz
  • Tib e Nabvi Aur Jadeed Science Hikmat urdu books read online.
  • Small Journals

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