Tum Koi Shaam Ka Sooraj Ho Novel by Shazia Chaudhary

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Tum Koi Shaam Ka Sooraj Ho Novel by Shazia Chaudhary

Novel Name: Tum Koi Shaam Ka Sooraj Ho

The Writer: Shazia Chaudhary

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Tum Koi Sham Ka Sooraj Ho is a social and tragic Urdu novel. The author of this novel is the well-known Urdu novelist Shazia Chaudhry. The story of this novel depicts the economic problems of poor people.

The author of the novel tells us what problems the poor and lower-class people of society face to get the necessities of life. The story of this novel is related to a poor family. This poor family took a small amount of money as a loan from a rich man.

That man is very greedy and cruel. He does not want to charge huge interest from these poor people for the loan amount. They are poor working men who barely make ends meet for two days. They are unable to meet his demand.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this novel is about a poor girl whose name is Zarnam. She belongs to a very poor family. His father is a laborer who works in the grain market of the city on daily wages. Due to low income, his father is unable to meet the expenses of supporting the family.

He often borrows money to meet the expenses of the house. Later he repays the borrowed amount to the lender in installments. Some time ago; Zarnam’s father received a large loan from a nobleman of the village.

He had made a commitment to the nobleman that he would repay the money in installments and he would also pay him interest. This time due to lack of work, he could not return the money to her in time due to which the nobleman is threatening him.

The loan shark has now started harassing Zarnam’s father. He has told Zarnam’s father that he will not hesitate to kill him if he does not return the money he lent him with interest. Due to this problem, these poor people are suffering a lot. Due to economic depression, it is not possible for them to repay the loan.

Tum Koi Shaam Ka Sooraj Ho by Shazia Chaudhary Pdf:

Zarnam’s mother and her siblings are very worried because of the debt. Due to poverty, the family is facing many difficulties. Due to poverty and unemployment, they are unable to send their children to school. Also, it has not been possible for them to treat sick children suffering from starvation.

In this Urdu novel, poverty and other problems created by it are highlighted. Cumin Comment Novel is actually a true story of our society. It is fact that Poverty and unemployment are the biggest problems in our society. These problems are licking our society like termites.

Due to these problems, our country has not been able to recover economically. Unfortunately, our government also allocates very little budget to solve these problems. Most of the budget allocated by the government goes towards non-developmental expenditures and the real problems are confined to files instead of being solved.

Introduction of the author of the novel:

Shazia Chaudhary is the new novelist of the Urdu language and literature. She has been writing novels for suspense digest for a long time. Her novels are full of romance and suspense. She highlights women’s rights in her novel stories.

Tum Koi Shaam Ka Sooraj Ho Novel by Shazia Chaudhary Pdf download:

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