Tum Se Jo Mohabat Kar Baithy by Malaika Rafi

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Tum Se Jo Mohabbat kar Baithy Hum Novel by Malaika Rafi

Book Name: Tum Se Jo Mohabat Kar Baithy

The Writer: Malaika Rafi

Introduction to the Book:

Romantic Urdu Novels:

Tum Se Jo Mohabat Kar Baithy by Malaika Rafi is a quality romantic novel in the Urdu language. The author of this story is Malaika Rafi, a unique novelist of Urdu literature. The story of this novel is about a girl who falls in love with a handsome boy and wants to marry him.

But the boy does not give any importance to her love and ignores her words. The girl thought that the boy also loved her and would agree to marry her. But this could not be possible because the boy has promised another girl to be his life partner.

Despite the girl’s repeated insistence, he is not giving her any response and is avoiding her. He is selfish and arrogant. There is a person who thinks only to achieve his personal interests. It is a short novel with a total of around five hundred pages. It is a super hit romantic novel that has been published in several editions.

Summary of the Novel:

This story is about a girl who is very innocent and simple. She wishes to befriend and marry a handsome boy, but the boy does not respond to her at all. She has requested to marry the boy but the boy is very cunning and selfish and he does not take her words seriously. He has been making false promises of love and friendship to this girl.

The Boy is not sincere with the girl and is keeping a friendship with her to pass the time. He is interested in another girl who is his classmate and childhood friend.

That guy has promised to get engaged and marry this girl. The boy is very greedy and greedy for wealth. He is looking for a rich girl to get married to and live a life of luxury. This is the reason why he has many bright dreams for the future.

Tum Se Jo Mohabbat Kar Baithy Novel by Malaika Rafi Pdf:

He has told his family that in the future Planning to become a big man even if he has to get involved with criminals. His parents are very respectable and noble people. They forbid him to associate with bad society boys but he ignores their advice.

It is a social and romantic story that makes it clear that the priorities of our society have changed. In our community, only wealth is considered the standard of love and respect. No matter how worthy, hardworking, and good a person is, people, weigh him with the criterion of wealth.

Greed and selfishness are deeply ingrained in our nature. If we want to make our place in society, then we will have to adopt the same habits, otherwise, we will be left alone. Simple, sincere, and honest people have no value in our society, which is a big part of our nation. It is a tragedy.

Author’s Introduction:

Malaika Rafi is one of those Urdu language novelists who had great success at the very beginning of her career. Malaika holds a BS Urdu degree from Government College University and belongs to Lahore.

She has a deep study of Urdu literature and apart from novels she has written many books in the Urdu language. These books include matric and FA academic syllabus books. She teaches Urdu subjects to students in a private college.

Readers of Urdu literature love her short stories and novels. Several of his novels and short story books have been published and have received a certificate of popularity from the readers.

More about this book:

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