Udaas Naslain / اداس نسلیں by Abdullah Hussein

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Udaas Naslain / اداس نسلیں by Abdullah Hussein

Udaas Naslain / اداس نسلیں by Abdullah Hussein

Writer:  Abdullah Hussain

Udaas Naslain / اداس نسلیں by Abdullah Hussein is an Urdu novel of historical nature. The author of this novel is Abdullah Hussain. He has written many Urdu novels. Sad Generations are considered to be his best Urdu novel. The novel under comment is the masterpiece novel of Abdullah Hussain. This novel consists of three parts. The story of this novel is related to Indian society under British rule. In those days the freedom movement in India was at its full height.

People of all major religions, including Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians, were making political efforts to gain independence from the British. The political representative party of the Hindus was the Congress, whose leader was Jawaharlal Nehru. While the political party of the Muslims was the Muslim League whose leader was Muhammad Ali Jinnah People of both religions were striving to free India from British slavery.

Summary of the Novel:

Sad Generations, the story of the novel is about three Muslim families. One of them is the head of the family Roshan Agha. He is the head of a prosperous family and a man of political influence. He resides in a good area of ​​the city and lives a life of luxury. Niaz Beg and Ayaz Beg are heads of Muslim families from the village.

They live in Roshanpur village which is a typical village deprived of basic facilities. Niaz Baig is a patriotic man and has a great love for the institution of the Indian Army. Niaz Beg’s son Naeem is also very patriotic. From his childhood, he wished to become educated and join the army and fight against the enemy countries of India.

As soon as he passes the matriculation examination, he is immediately recruited into the army. Shortly after his recruitment, the Great War begins. Naeem is sent to a military base in Burma. He joins the battle there with other Indian soldiers. After the end of the war, he returns to his country India. 

The keeps the memories of his village hidden in his chest. He has a great desire to serve his village after completing his military service. For this purpose, he retires from the army. He reaches his village and starts participating in charity work.

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