Weeran Jazeeray Novel By A.Hameed

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Weeran Jazeeray Novel

Weeran Jazeeray Novel By A Hameed  Pdf

Writer:  A . Hameed


Weeran Jazeeray is a famous novel in Urdu literature. The author of this novel is the famous Urdu novelist A. Hameed. It is a socio-romantic story about a boy. This Urdu novel was published in 2006. Young students have loved this novel immensely.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this novel is related to a boy named Chanar. Chinar lives with his parents in Lahore, Pakistan. He is a highly educated youth and is looking for a job. He goes to Karachi city in search of a job. During his stay in Karachi, he meets a girl named Zulfi. Zulfi is a very beautiful and attractive girl.

Chanar is very impressed with this girl and falls under her spell. He spends most of his time with this girl. He makes her a close friend. Zulfi loves Poplar very much. Both cousins ​​want to break each other up. Chanar also likes her very much and they both live like good friends.

These two friends want to get married and become life partners. But when Zulfi proposes to Chanar and asks him to marry him, he tells her that it is not possible. He says we must be good friends but marriage is not necessary to stay friends.

Zulfi is very sad because of this talk of Chanar. He is very depressed and heartbroken. Zulfi’s heart breaks due to Chanar’s negative attitude. The dreams he had for living a good life have been badly shattered.

About the Author of the Book:

A Hameed was a famous Pakistani novelist, short story writer, journalist, and playwright. He was born in April 1928 in Amritsar, Punjab, India. The writer received his primary education in his native city Amritsar. A. Hameed started writing in childhood.

After the creation of Pakistan, he settled in Lahore city. Lahore was the center of knowledge and literature in the world and he got a lot of guidance to do literary work. He has written more than a hundred books on Urdu fiction apart from novels.

He was also an excellent dramatist. The children’s drama Aynak wala jin written by him became very popular in the mid-1990s. Pakistan Television telecasted this drama for many years. Following is the description of the famous novels of A. Hameed.

A Hameed Books List:

  • Rangoon Say Farar
  • Peela Udas Chand
  • Bharat Kay Firon
  • Watan Kay Sarfarosh
  • Barish Samawar Khushboo
  • Asaib Zada Taboot

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