Wehshat e Dil Romantic Novel by Mahnoor Shehzad

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Wehshat e Dil Romantic Urdu Novel by Mahnoor Shehzad

Book Name: Wehshat e Dil

The Writer: Mahnoor Shehzad

Mahnoor Shehzad Novels:

Wehshat e Dil is a beautiful and excellent Urdu novel. The author of this novel is a new Urdu novelist Mah Noor Shahzad. The story of this novel is about innocent girls who try to find a love relationship with selfish and insensitive people.

By making a wrong decision, they cannot do so and as a result, they end up in a long time. They keep on regretting it. They have to spend their lives in trouble.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character of this novel is a girl named Sundus. She is an innocent and simple girl who trusts everyone. She likes a boy named Zaid and is deeply in love with him. Zaid has promised to marry her after some years.

Zayed is a mean, selfish, and cunning boy who deceives oblivious girls by ensnaring them in a love trap. For some time he kept telling Sundus that if he were to marry, he would do it only with her. Even if his family members oppose this marriage, he will fulfill his promise.

After some time, he fulfills his promise and marries Sandus. Their life was going well for three months after marriage. Sanad was very happy with this marriage. She thought that she had found the prince of her dreams and that she would live the rest of her life in peace and quiet.

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 But this was her delusion because Zaid was not at all what he seemed to be. After three months his attitude toward his wife completely changed. He scolded Sundus for small things and subjected him to violence.

He made it a routine to fight with his wife every day. She was shocked and worried about his negative attitude. She never expected that the person she considered her beloved would turn out to be such a mean person. Apparently, there are so many between them. Differences have arisen that see no solution other than separation.

Introduction of the author of the novel:

Mahnoor Shahzad is a famous female novelist of Urdu literature. She belongs to Sahiwal city of Pakistan and she is a graduate of Sahiwal University. Mahnoor has many super-hit Urdu novels to his credit. She mostly writes novels for Urdu magazines.

She is considered a popular novelist of hot and bold Urdu novels. Critics of Urdu literature say that she is one of the leading young writers who write novels of high quality. Especially her novels are very popular among college students.

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