Yaram Novel  By Sumaira Hameed

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Yaram Novel By Sumaira Hameed

Yaram Novel  By Sumaira Hameed in Pdf free download

Writer: Sumaira Hameed


Yaram Novel  By Sumaira Hameed is the best and standard romantic and social novel in the Urdu language. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The writer of this Urdu novel story is Sumaira Hameed who is a new Urdu novelist of the Urdu language. He has written some popular and wonderful Urdu novels. These novels have become quite popular among Urdu readers.

Yaram is considered among the best Urdu novels. Readers say that Samira Ahmed’s writing style is very good and attractive. This Urdu pdf book novel used to be published as episodes in Women’s Digest.

After the completion of the episodes, it was published in book form. Yarm is the perfect story of selfless love, sincerity, and loyalty. The story of the novel highlights the precious bond of friendship.

Yaram Novel Summary and Review:

The story of this Urdu novel revolves around a girl. This girl’s name is Amraha. Amraha belongs to a traditional and conservative family. This family strictly adheres to traditional social values. After Amraha’s birth, some incidents took place in the house which traumatized her family. Due to these traumas, all the family members started to consider him an evil person. All the family members used to curse him because of this the whole family is suffering from various miseries.

Everyone in the family hated him except Amraha’s grandfather. He treated him very lovingly. Amraha’s grandfather was making every effort to protect her from the hatred of other family members. For this purpose, he decided to send Amaraha to England to study. He got her admitted to Manchester University in England.

While studying at the university, Amraha befriended a boy named Aliyaan who was her classmate. Mr. Alyan was a worthy student of the university. He is a very loving and philanthropic young man. Soon he falls in love with Amaraha. Amaraha also becomes his friend and wants to make him her life partner.

The romantic story of these two young friends is described in this novel. Whether the love story of both of them reaches completion or not. Read this wonderful novel to find out.

About the Author of the Book:

Sameera Ahmad is a renowned Pakistani novelist, short story Writer, and screenwriter. She is a well-known Urdu language novelist, writer, and screenwriter. The author wrote romance novels. Th writer writes mostly about Pakistani society. She has been writing for different urdu digests including, Pakeeza Digest, Khawateen Digest, and Jasoosi Digests. Yaram  became a drama serial for which he has given the award for best writer.

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